Schedule of Events

Schedule is subject to change and will be updated with times as the conference approaches.
Farm tour bios and Accompanying Guest tour details follow the schedule of events.

Pre & Post conference tours around the country are available.
If interested, contact Dan Gilbert at

- Continental Breakfast Box                                                                                           Hilton Hotel

- Farm Tour                                                                                Cozy Nook, Waukesha, Wisconsin


- Lunch                                                                                                                                        


- Farm Tour                                                                                    Triangle Acres, Freeport, Illinois


- Welcome Dinner Reception with The Jimmys (band)         Voegeli Farms, Monticello, Wisconsin


- Accompanying Guest Tour                                                               Depart from Monona Terrace


- Breakfast                                                        Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center

- Morning Conference Sessions & Break         Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center


- Lunch                                                             Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center


- Afternoon Conference Sessions & Break      Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center


- Closing Gala Dinner                                       Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center


- Continental Breakfast Box                                                                                           Hilton Hotel


- Farm Tour with Lunch                                                                         Hilltop Acres, Calmar, Iowa

- Reception                                                       Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center


- Continental Breakfast Box                                                                                           Hilton Hotel

- World Federation Meeting                                                                                           Hilton Hotel

- Explore the Dairy Trade Show and Exhibits                                                       World Dairy Expo


- International Brown Swiss Heifer Show                                                             World Dairy Expo


- Lunch & Dinner on own                                                                                      World Dairy Expo


- Continental Breakfast Box                                                                                           Hilton Hotel


- International Brown Swiss Cow Show                                                                World Dairy Expo


- Lunch                                                                                                                 World Dairy Expo


- World Premier Sale                                                                                            World Dairy Expo


- Dinner on own                                                                                                    World Dairy Expo


Cozy Nook Farm - Waukesha, Wisconsin

Welcome to Cozy Nook Farm, we are known in the neighborhood as home to cows, pumpkins and Christmas Trees. Cozy Nook was founded by Joan's ancestors in the 1840’s and was located in a suburb of Milwaukee. They moved to the current location in 1958. Tom and Joan joined the operation in 1985 and brought the first Brown Swiss, Twin Gate Milly’s Margaret -EX90 323,000 lifetime milk and Grandam of Monopoly. On   1-1-2020, Tom and Joan’s son Charlie and “cow lover” Dan Gerrits have joined the management team.


We are currently milking 75 Brown Swiss and Guernseys, our management goals revolve around high producing cows with minimal health problems. Our all-time favorite and most influential cow was Cozy Nook Pronto Twylight EX92, 4E, lifetime production 324,000M, 11,958P. She currently has 14 sons, grandsons and great grandsons on the top 150 list in the US and many daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters milking at Cozy Nook. One of her favorite daughters is Cozy Nook Payssli Treacherous Ex90 with 3 sons in AI, Tenacious, Toby and Trek. At 3-01 she made in 365D 32,575M and 2786CFP.


Cozy Nook is located in a very urban area which gives us lots of opportunities to share our dairy story. We raise 20 acres of pumpkins, Indian Corn, gourds and squash for our roadside fall market. Fall is also a popular time for school field trips, about 1200 children enjoy an educational farm tour and hayride to the pumpkin patch. We also sell 1800 Christmas trees, wreaths and garland  after Thanksgiving.


We look forward to your visit during the World Conference.

Tom & Joan Oberhaus, Charlie & Dan


Hilltop Acres Farm - Calmar, Iowa

Founded in 1854, Hilltop Acres Farm is owned by Dennis and Barb Mashek. The farm consists of 470 acres owned and another 330 rented, raising all corn and alfalfa. Currently, there are 400 Registered Brown Swiss cows and close to 400 of young stock on the farm. In 1997, Dennis & Barb built a 120-cow free-stall barn/parlor setup. Prior to that, the cows were milked in a 68 tie stall barn. In 2014, another free-stall barn with 240 stalls were added along with a new special needs barn/calving barn that can hold 30 head. Also in 2014, the parlor was remodeled to a double-12 parallel with a new milk house and break room. The cows are milked 3x a day. The Masheks raise all of their own heifers and bulls. Most of the livestock is fed a TMR ration except the young calves. Heifers 6 months on up are housed in a Virginia style heifer barn. All calves six months and under are housed in a 68 X 152 calf barn, where calves 3 months and under are fed with a DeLaval automatic calf feeder. Summer of 2015, the calf barn was added onto and a second DeLaval Automatic calf feeder was added. Bulls six months and over are housed in a pole shed  open to the south, that was remodeled in 2015. Hilltop Acres is an 8th generation family farm.


Hilltop Acres "team" consists of 4 full-time employees, 2 part time,  along with Dennis, Barb and sons, Josh & Tanner.


Top Cows families that will be on display at Hilltop Acres:


 "D" family with the foundation cows being Vigor Dolly and Vigor Divinity and branching out from there. 

Well known bulls in AI from the D Family:

Hilltop Acres Dynamite Diego ET @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres B Daredevil ET @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres D Defender @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres W Durham ET @ Accelerated Genetics

Hilltop Acres B Dairyking @ Sexing Technologies

Hilltop Acres Dairystar ETV @ Sexing Technologies

Cadence Paula which originates from the Hilltop Acres Credit Dream cow family.
Son's in AI from Cadence Paula:

Hilltop Acres T Powerball @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres T Paparazzi @ Select Sires

Hilltop Acres K Powerhouse @ Select Sires

M family which originates from the Olsons Brinks Melody family. 

Current bulls in AI today from that family are Mustang, Martini,and Merica.

Bulls in AI from the M family:

Hilltop Acres NW Mustang @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres TK Merica ET @ New Generation Genetics

Hilltop Acres Biver Martini @ Sexing Technologies

Top cows for visitors to see:
 Bosephus Dixiland - mother of Daredevil
 Vigor Dolly - foundaton of D family still in herd at 12 years old
 Payssli Dairyqueen - mother of Dairystar and Dairyking
 Brookings Maui - mother of Merica at NGG
 Cadence Paula (will be dry) - mother of Powerball, Paparazzi, and Powerhouse.
 Driver Jan P - on of the best polled cows in the USA
 Biver Date - mother of Defender at NGG

Bull mothers, 2-year-old daughters and high genomic heifers will be on display.

Current Rolling Herd Average @ Hilltop Acres. 397 Cows 28,761M 4.41F 1268F 3.4P 989P 

IMG_6047 (3).JPG

Triangle Acres Farm - Freeport, Illinois ,  &


We want to welcome you to Triangle Acres, Home of Blonde-Haired Kids and Big Brown Cows. We are excited to be one of the tours during the upcoming 2020 World Brown Swiss Conference. We have been a family-owned and operated dairy for over 75 years, milking 80 head of Registered Brown Swiss and running 200 acres of pasture and crop ground. The farm was started by Russel and Eva Korth in 1942 and is now currently operated by John and Wendy Korth with their daughter Becky and hired man Tim Ritschard. We look forward to showing you around this fall!




Variety is the spice of life and that is no exception on the Triangle. You will have the opportunity to see several different milking daughters on our farm including Cadence, Biver, Richard, Seaman, Anibal, Norwin, Harts Thunder, Get Lucky, Flash, and Lost Art as well as our young stock from Carter, Silver, Juke, Vengeance, Hampton, Lamborghini, Prosper and Fast&Furious. The majority of our herd stems from and is most well-known known for the Collection Polly family.  Polly was a very profitable cow both in production and reproduction. Triangle Acres Payoff with Accelerated Genetics and Polo with Select Sires were 2 of her sons which were popular bulls that had an impact worldwide. Today, we have several branches of the Polly family, the most well-known being the Prelude Zeus Peace and the Vigor Peach lines. These 2 families have produced some of our current herd favorites including Richard Pandora (granddaughter of Prelude Zeus Peace) and Seaman Peadazzle (daughter of Vigor Peach). Another cow family making a splash in our herd comes from our "J" family.  Triangle Acres Dirk Jupiter is a barn and visitor favorite. She is the dam of Carter Juke with New Generation Genetics.  We're excited to see how this family develops on the maternal and paternal side! 


Voegeli Farms, Inc. - Monticello, Wisconsin


Voegeli Farms was established in 1854 during the Swiss migration to the USA. The Voegeli family came from the Glarus area in Switzerland and settled near the village of New Glarus, WI. The family then started milking the native cattle, but in 1895 they bought their first registered Brown Swiss cow and have been solely Brown Swiss since.


Voegeli Farms operates 1,300 acres of crop ground. The Farm now consists of 250 milking cows with a rolling herd average of 23,173 pounds of milk, 1,024 pounds of fat, and 793 pounds of protein.  The milk is used to make award winning Chalet cheese and Yodelay Yogurt. There are close to over 600 total animals. A few of these are owned in a partnership  with Mike and Linda Hellenbrand that was built through an extensive ET program.


The farm has had National Total Performance Winners in 2012, 2013, and 2018.  All of these came from former WDE Brown Swiss Champions. There have been over 250 Nominated All-Americans at Voegeli Farms. This is also home to the breed's longest consecutively scored Excellent pedigree, the Madora family, whose streak currently runs for 15 straight generations with potential for more.


Currently the farm is being operated by Bryan Voegeli who is the General Manager, his brother Jimmy who is in charge of repairs on the equipment when he is not on the road touring with his band "The Jimmys." Their mother Alice, who is the Matriarch, still resides at the farm, son Christopher and his fiance Hilary are in charge of genetics, herd health and field work. Daughter Brie and her husband David help clip and work at cattle shows.


Along with family help, there is great help from employees Brian Sherman, who is in charge of nutrition and field work, Sam Marty who is in charge of maintenance and field work, Beiker Vasquez who is in charge of the milk parlor. Bryan's girlfriend Carrie helps milk on the weekends, Rick Ritschard who helps with field work, and Ramon and Javier Galvon help milk. Also there is a great part time staff of young students. 
 We would like to welcome you all to the Brown Swiss World Conference and look forward to having you out to Voegeli Farms!



VB HP Advantage Sugar
'Ex 94 EX  96MS'
5-02  325d 2x 41,620m 4.5f 1,893f 3.2p 1,350p
National Total Performance Winner 2018
Nasco Type and Performance Winner 2018
Nominated All-American Component Merit Cow 2018
A few generations back is Hunziker Red Boots All Spice who in 1984 was Grand Champion Brown Swiss Cow at World Dairy Expo.
VB HP Pronto Marilyn ET
'2E 92 EX 91 MS'
6-07 365d 2x 40,490m 4.2f 1,692f 3.2p 1,307p
National Total Performance Winner 2012
1st Aged Cow Southeast National 2011
1st 4yr old WI State Show 2009
12th Continuous generation Excellent Cows
From the Madora Family which has the breed's longest continuous Excellent streak, which is currently 15 consecutive generations and is still active. A few generations back is VB Banco Pluma Madora who in 1978 was Grand Champion Brown Swiss Cow at the World Dairy Expo.
VB HP Pronto Zippy ET
'2E 93 EX 94 MS'
5-08 365d 2x 35,440m 4.1f 1,452f 3.3p 1,180p
National Total Performance Winner 2013
Res. All-American Component Merit Cow 2013
Nominated All-American 4yr old
Reserve Sr. Champ Southeast National 2011
A few Generations back is VB Laird Uzalea who in 1976 was Grand Champion Brown Swiss Cow at the World Dairy Expo.

Voegeli - Chalet_Cheese_Voegeli_Farm-1.j
Voegeli - expo sugar.JPG
Voegeli - BF42563 VB HP Advantage Sugar.
Voegeli - marilyn.jpg
Voegeli - zip.jpg

Accompanying Guest Tour registration fee includes walking tour of Madison, State Capitol Building tour, time for shopping downtown on State Street, behind the scenes tour of Overture Center for the Arts, lunch, Olbrich Botanical Gardens tour, and bus transportation.

Early Fee - $TBD (by June 15)              Final Fee - $TBD (June 16-August 15)


Tentative Schedule


7:00am-8:30 am          Breakfast on own or at Monona Terrace

8:45am                        Depart Monona Terrace and walk to Wisconsin State Capitol Building (6 minute walk)

9:00am-10:00am         Wisconsin State Capitol Building Tour

10:00am-12:00pm       Overture Center for the Arts Behind the Scenes Tour & Shopping on State Street

12:00pm-1:30pm         Lunch

1:30pm                        Depart lunch for Olbrich Botanical Gardens

2:00pm-4:30pm           Olbrich Botanical Gardens Experience

4:30pm                        Depart Olbrich Botanical Gardens for Hilton Hotel 

5:00pm                        Arrive at Hilton Hotel